Noble Satyr—My Woman's Day Scrapbook

Winning the Woman's Day/Random House Romantic Fiction Prize was fabulous. This was a major nationwide competition with a substantial prize and it attracted a huge number of entries. I received $10,000 in prize money from Australia's Woman's Day magazine and a publishing contract with Random House. When eventually published my book then went on to shortlist for Romantic Novel of the Year with the Romance Writers of Australia. As a first-time author I was over the moon!

My working title was The Noble Satyr but Random House changed it to The Dangerous Game. They also edited the content to suit their in-house guidelines. Happily, my new publisher allowed me to restore the text and republish under the original Noble Satyr title. I'm so pleased to finally bring readers Antonia and Roxton's story as I intended it to be, and this time to readers around the world, not just in Australia.

Excerpts from the novel were published a couple of times in Woman's Day magazine, first under its original title The Noble Satyr then later under the reworked title The Dangerous Game. Here's my scrapbook of Woman's Day appearances. Note the magazine "extracts" are not accurate as the editors condensed the text to suit their needs. Of course I had no say over the artwork either. At the time I published under the pen name Louise Grant, which makes it all a bit confusing now!

The Noble Satyr Book Extract
Australian Woman's Day November 25 , 1996

The Dangerous Game Book Extract
Australian Woman's Day August 31, 1998

Romantic Novel of the Year—Shortlist Announcement
Australian Woman's Day April 10, 2000

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