Readers write…

“Thanks and Admiration—I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy your books. My favourite is 'Salt Bride', and as soon as I finish 'Deadly Affair' I will have read them all (so far)! Until I discovered your books I thought I would be destined to re-read my favourite Austen/Bronte etc. novels whenever I felt the need for an historical literary fix, thank you so much for giving us new stories woven in such rich tapestries of language and history!
Liana—Melbourne, Australia

"My First Fan Letter—Dear Ms Brant I just finished reading Autumn Duchess and have previously read all of your other books. I'm full of admiration that you had the nerve to create a new love for the Duchess—and what a lover Jonathon Strang is. Until I read your work I thought Eloisa James to hold top billing in historical romance. No more. You are the best in hundreds I've read and even surpass my childhood favorite—G Heyer. Your writing is intelligent, complex and witty. Each and every one of the love stories is powerful, poignant and sublimely romantic. Thanks and keeping writing."
M. (Name and email supplied)

“I came across your books quite by accident while searching for a historical romance novel on my e-reader. I read the first book in a day, unable to put it down no matter what I tried. As soon as I had finished with the first, I immediately bought every book of yours I could find. I have read each of them back to back, enthralled with the characters and their stories. I just finished Salt Bride about an hour ago, and am eagerly awaiting the release of Salt Redux. As I went to school and majored in history, I am always supportive of historical writers, and am thrilled at the historical accuracy in your stories. Please keep up your wonderful work.
Tabetha—Monticello, GA, USA

"I just finished reading this wonderful book (Midnight Marriage) it was a pleasure and a big surprise that there was no xxx scene—my girls would come to read with me & I found it ok for them. What a delight!
Patti B.

"I couldn't put it [Deadly Engagement] down, I even read it standing up in the tram last week! I loved it of course and went quite loopy over it, I wouldn't have expected anything less of myself! I've been waiting to read another of your books for so long, I think I've read The Dangerous Game a hundred times and I'll definitely be reading this one again just to make sure I've got everything out of it I can. My favourite character is definitely Uncle Plant, especially one of his last scenes where he's confronted by Lord Gervais, very amusing! Thank you so much, it definitely made my week. I can't wait for the sequel..."
Erica in Melbourne
, Australia

"My name is Maria and I am a devoted fan! Last week I went to our local Book Fair, to search for something inspiring to read! I was left feeling very frustrated because the older authors that I love weren’t there. While I was feeling very disheartened my husband Joe, who was helping me search, suddenly thrust a book in my face! This book was titled: The Dangerous Game. The vibes that I felt from holding this book, made me realize here is an author I can really relate with! And! You have not disappointed me! I started laughing from the first page and haven’t stopped. So much so, that I wanted all your books from that moment…"
Maria in Canberra, Australia

"Wanted to drop you a note, that I finished reading Salt Bride. All I can say is OMG, I loved it. I honestly could not stop reading this book. I also posted a review, although I only had the option of publisher reviews because it did not allow me a member review. I can't wait to start the other 2, I did have a problem having the books on my phone thru the kindle app, but was able to read it off my computer. It's a desktop pc and couldn't take it upstairs so I stayed up till 3am reading, but managed to finish it today. I want to thank you very much for the opportunity for getting to read these books.  Your fan,"
Kristyn in the USA

"I enjoyed both your books tremendously. I could hardly put them down. They are both first rate high quality writing. Thank you for giving me the chance to obtain them."
Micheline in Montreal
, Canada

"Loved Deadly Engagement, one of the best books I've read, and waiting for the sequel."
Pam in the USA

"Finally got some free time and have read your books, Deadly Engagement and Midnight Marriage. I enjoyed the both of them, and was rather sorry to be finished (I read too quickly). The mystery was quite interesting, and I loved getting back with some familiar characters in 'Midnight Marriage' (nice to see Antonia and Vallentine are still bantering back and forth!). The plots of both stories were good, as well as the description, and dialogue between characters (both friendly and animated). As for suggestions/criticisms, I have none to offer. Great books, both. Keep in touch with anything new, and all the best!"
Jocelyn in Canada

"...loved the book [The Dangerous Game]. I finished it in two days which is rare in these days of toddler motherhood! I enjoyed the nasty characters most, I think because you didn't stereotype them. They had human weaknesses, their actions came from their motivations very clearly which can be pretty difficult to do. At least it seems so in romance circles anyway. Actually I felt pretty sympathetic to both of them, at least some of the time. Your debt to Ms Heyer was clear, but you still very much have your own voice. I am looking forward to buying the new one when it comes out."
Inger in Melbourne
, Australia

"A while ago I found reference to your book The Dangerous Game, and got hold of it through the Australian Bookstore. I read it in about a day and a half, and absolutely loved it.... A new and devoted fan."

"I enjoyed your website. What a pretty, pretty website and so easily accessible. Lucinda, Your books look great up on the screen! It was nice meeting you. If it weren't for the www, I may not of even known of you, and that would have been a great disappointment."
Mahaira in Pakistan

"I've just visited your terrific web site. On your contact page, you invited visitors to tell you what you think of several things, including the 18th-century. I certainly love it. Fashions, manners, newspapers, the pleasure gardens, personalities such as Sheridan & Fox – and my favourite, the fascinating Perdita Robinson."
Jackie in England

"Just wanted to say 'Thank you'! I won your Romance Junkies gift package. I love the book, the bear is a real cutie and the calendar will keep you in my thoughts all year long. Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year!!  Thank you!"
Theresa in USA

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